Hey everyone.
I'm looking for a tab of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cJwLcBW3Ow
There is an acoustic version of this song on UG Tabs but it's not really that acurate.

Im pretty cool for the verse and chrous parts. but i have no idea how to play the interlude/solo bit at 2:38 till 3:00 and i don't know what chords are used when its like higher up the fret board (such as the very first chord)

so i would apreciate any help someone can give me for this song, in particular with the interlude/solo bit

Many thanks

Edit: by the way, i know its probably a really easy song to work out especially due to the video of him playing it but i suck at chords (trying to improve though haha) so i'm sorry about that
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