thanks for the crit.

i listend to broken little soul. its good. very cetchy tune. i was stopping my foot along with the music. nice chords and strumming pattern. the lyrics were good but sounded cliche to me. the whole broken soul thing has been done many many times over. its still a good song though, and theres a reason for that. i bet this would go over well live. i liked hte little bridge part btw.

i just posted a new song https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=21065738#post21065738 if you wana c4c that one?

i also listend to she took my heart. i think you wrote that and broken little soul about the same girl/breakup. anyway, it wasent as cetchy as the soul song, but i liked it better. the lyrics were cool and more original. agean great playing and i like youre voice. this is good stuff.

tell me more about austin? i heard its like a smaller nashville.
Not too bad. i think the delay on the vocals was just a little too far apart for me though
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i was recording my voice twice... thus the lack of synchronicity ... i've wisened up though... figured out how to record the vocal track and guitar seperately in a manner that sounds good... and i'm actually rerecording that stuff and remastering it.... should be better... thanks for the crit though

and I don't live in austin.... i live in amarillo.. i'm actually moving to denton texas to attend the university of north texas soon though
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