The butterflies have evolved one step further,
They have become something exponentially scarier,
With horns,
And teeth,
And the like.

And now they're breathing fire.
I can't tell if I'm making this up,
Or if I'm really starting to care.

I'm sorry to be so blunt,
But I'm not sure you're getting my point;
You set your standards so high,
But they're all so shallow.

I had a dream that didn't fit the two week plan,
I was told I can have what I want if I wait.
Patience is a virtue,
Or so I have heard,
But I'm no saint,
And I think it's absurd,
You can expect such from me;
I'm only just barely human.

I can't fall asleep,
Because you're haunting my dreams.
Now more than ever,
I miss you.

This is for you,
Only as much as for me.
Now more than ever,
I miss you.

I've been playing it acoustic. All my friends think it's pretty.
Going by the lyrics alone, I agree that it's pretty. An absolutely lovely song, and nothing seemed forced or cliche or anything. Great job, I enjoyed it very much.
I'd like to hear you sing this. It's beautiful to read but hard to imagine as a song.
Good work.
I want Super Saiyan abilities