so i recently have wandered into the world of fusion guitar and any lesson video ive watched, or article i've read, there has been talk about "outside" playing. now i know what this concept is, because i can hear it in the music, but can anyone tell me if there is any specific guidlines to "outside" playing, or if its how i think it is, which is just playing notes that are not in the given key/chord/scale?
Well, playing outside is a strange animal since it basically has degrees. Your definition is fine for the most part but in actuality there is a relation between any given note and any given scale/chord, it's how well they fit together that determine how outside it is. Chromaticism, unless taken to extreme degrees, is just a little outside if at all, it's just too common. Throwing in a 12-tone row (and its variations) over a simple I-IV-V progression is pretty out though. But there are no guidelines as such, it's just about "breaking the rules" as it were (even if that is a poor description as theory is descriptive rather than prescriptive).
ok thats what i was thinking, i just wanted to make sure there wasn't some universal relationship with "outside" playing, like when someone says Lydian, its always WWWHWWH