So i'm thinking of getting into bass (im a guitar player) and I've had a look at building it from parts like from sites like warmoth. I don't really know if this site is very good quality and have not much experience in these kind of things.

I've kinda specd out a bass that I would like.

Ash Body, Flame top with Tiger eye burst - $530
Padouk, Ebony fretboard, raw- $305
Concentric Pot - $15
Battery Box - $10
Aguilar EQ OBP3 - $139
Bartolini MM4CBC - $125
All Gold Hardware - $221.65

Comes up to about $1400. a lot cheaper than if you would buy a readymade one.

I was also thinking of getting like some normal vintage jazz bass pickups. Could someone explain the different characteristics of say the bartolini and jazz pickups? Do the jazz pickups work well with the Aguilar EQ? I'm after a good slap tone, as well as a deep bassy fingerstyle tone.

Any recommendations or suggestions?
I'm not seeing how it's cheaper considering $1400 would buy you a really nice Fender, obviously you can go lower than that so if anything it's more expensive! It's really probably easier just to buy one.

Not that I know much about EQ and things, but It just struck me as strange.
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Yeah I agree that it isn't cheap if you're just getting it in bits because most of the money spent on a high end bass seems to be build quality, anf if you're doing that yourself then it seems really quite expensive.
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Ive seen sadowsky metros go for cheaper than that, you could some really nice bass, way better then fender second hand for that much.
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Body wood won't make much difference tone-wise, contrary to popular belief. Ash, alder and whatnot would all sound almost the same. It's pure looks.

Neck wood does matter, it's responsable for active resonance.

DO NOT attach Fender Vintage pups to an active amp. It's absurd. Vintage have nice tone, but when it's passive. And they're quite bright. Bartolinis are awesome when connected to a decent preamp. Sweet overall tone. I still believe that Barts are the isht to have when you have an active bass. Get the barts.
i'm not that knowledgable on jazz bass pickups and stuff, but i can tell you that warmoth are absolutely top dollar. It may be a little expensive, but for the money you get a near enough custom bass to your exact specs. Also don't forget that you can request stuff to have made, you don't have to pick out something that they already have, they'll do pretty much anything.
Ok so you have to put it together yourself, but to me that's half the fun!
Don't take this the wrong way, it sounds interesting; but $1400 is pretty pricey for what is, essentially, a hot rod Stingray. The paduak neck will make a slight difference to tone, but not that much. It's resonance is much more important than its' wood. And you won't know what the resonance is until you've got it in your hand. It's also important that its' resonance matches the body.
Jazz-type pups are on the treblier end of the bass spectrum, more for clarity than outright thump. If you're going for them, definetly get noiseless ones; the plain single-coil kind can be terrible for picking up hum. Barto's are a good choice, as are Fender's own SCN's.
i love the flame maple tops especially with a tiger eye burst like on some prs guitars. as far as i know fender doesn't make a jazz bass like that unless i custom order from custom shop but thats way to expensive.

as well i think that all the fender production basses have finished maple necks. one of the reasons i want a warmoth is because of the nice raw necks.

doesn't marcus miller use a vintage jazz with preamp? he's got a great tone. I also really digg flea's off the map really fat slappy tone, thats why i was hoping that a preamp could like sort of let me get around with it.

i like the sound of the fender SCNs, theyre noiseless ceramics. how would they go with that sound?
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So i'm thinking of getting into bass (im a guitar player)

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Comes up to about $1400. a lot cheaper than if you would buy a readymade one.

So wait... you're going to spend $1400 on an instrument you have never played before? Why not just do what everyone else does and get a cheap one to start to make sure you like it... makes sense instead of playing all that money on something you may not want to keep.
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I have bartolinis and I have to dirty my sound to counteract the blandness. They are good, just kinda boring- their stand out feature is that they don't stand out at all.

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