Hi people. I recently was unbanned, and my first post back into UG is concerning my hand.

I recently had surgery on my left hand, I had broken it when I was 13, and it never properly healed. Now I have to keep it wrapped up and away from strenuous activity for about two months. And I find it impossible to fret and not feel pain. I can barely even move my hand anymore either. I told my friend my ordeal, and he told me maybe I could re-learn guitar, except playing left handed.. Is this possible to do? I've never heard of anyone doing it..
It is possible to re-learn guitar left handed, it'l just be like your starting fresh again (but with knowledge of chords and scales etc). However given your situation i strongly recommend no guitar at all for the two months you said it'l take for your hand to heal. trust me, i broke my wrist the day before i bought my first electric guitar and i was told not to use it for 6 weeks but i played and played like i'd never played before (seriously, cause i hadnt played before haha) and now i find that my wrist hurts like absolute **** if i play for too long and i have pernament damage in it. so really its for your own benefit, dont play until your hand is healed.

tl;dr yeah you can re-learn guitar as a lefty, it'l just be like starting fresh
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I suggest that you keep your hand away from playing guitar for the time being until it fully heals. Otherwise, you may have to face consequences such as permanently damaging your left hand, and never being able to play guitar with it.

It's not worth it for a couple of months, so my advice is to take a break from technique and perhaps further your knowledge of theory and composition.

Playing left handed still requires effort from your right hand as your picking hand. You need to hold the pick in controllable fashion and without pain. Like I said, I recommend taking a break for now.