hello all, i have been noticing more and more lately that some of the notes i play are almost completely dead, like i will be playing (for example Orion by Metallica, solo, uses 9th fret of D string) and almost no sound will come out of the amp, and also there will be loads of fret buzz, and no sound of the actual note.

its happens on about 8 different notes around the fretboard, and i do not know what is causing it of how to fix it, it is really affecting the music i write as i tend to steer clear of those particular notes, i need help sooner rather that later please.

the only thing i can think of it that the owner before me did something to the guitar (not sure what as i am a novice at these sort of things) as he had already almost broken the truss rod when i got it anyway by messing around with the action, it was very high.

i don't think it is the quality of the bass as it is a Fender Standard MIM Precision bass so not a beginners guitar.

please help if you can i will be very grateful if you can.

thank you in advance.
well i could try that but i like the action nice and low and i would not really know how to go about doing it, if you could tell me i would be very grateful

thank you again
Yeah, I like low action too, but when you've got dead notes, there's not much you can do. To raise the action, just take a small allen key, put it in the holes of the saddles, and turn it so that they screws go up, and keep doing that until the notes aren't dead anymore. I'm not really the best guy to ask about that kind of stuff, as I can just do a really basic setup and that's it.