what gauge of string is a les paul cut for on the low E string. The reason I'm asking is because im playing in D standard and drop C, and i find the .52 terribly loose for my tastes. i was planing on buying a set of the DR jeff healy's (10-56) or some beefy slinky's (11-54) and i wanted to find out before i waste money on strings
i would guess it's supposed to be a 46. my reasoning is that gibsons are shipped with 10 gauge strings, and their 10 gauge packs are 10-13-17-26-36-46. at least the one pack i found was.

anyway, drop C on a 24.75" scale guitar will be a little loose no matter what you do. i had an SG i would downtune all the time, but it never really did work as well as i would have liked
im not so sure, im using 11-52 on my les paul and they fit fine.

also, i believe les pauls are shipped with 9's, not 10's