hello all i have a 1979 Peavey bass cabinet and a 1970's Carlsbro Stingray head, i like the tone out of both of them but i think they could both do with sprucing up a bit ascetically as they are both in a bit of a state.

where can i buy wire(similar to the valve king but bigger gaps in between) for the front of the cabinet instead of the old mesh in front of it now and how much would it cost and would it affect the sound?

Also what can i buy to make the casing look better?

lastly can you recommend me some good speakers to use for quite a dark sound?

thankyou for any help and if i have not made it clear can you please tell me so and i appologise (as i said i am a novice at these things)
Hey Ben,

Ben here, now I saw taht you said you liked the tone out of both, yet you asked about replacement speakers? Surely the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" rule applies here? Also it saves you money and hassle.
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well if i am being honest the speaker is a bit too bright, i would like something with a bit more bite to it, however would a pickup swap change this instead?

thankyou so far
Then adjust your eq if their to bright, turn down the treble or high mids to your taste.
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