Hiya guys,

I've scoured the net for solutions and I've not found one yet, except for a fairly expensive option which I'll come to later.

Basically, I have a Fender Twin and a Mesa Single Rec. I would like to use the Twin for the cleans and the Rectifier for the crunch. Thing is I love my delay and am going to get a reverb and a few modulation effects soon. I don't want to run them stereo and I don't want to run them through the front of the amps. I want to run all of my effects through both amps via the effects loops.

My question is, how do I do it? The most cost effective and efficient on stage switching mechanism wins!

The gigrigs can do this, and very cleverly too but at the moment, after spending out on a new axe, amp and pedal recently, I'm just not in the position to spend out on that. I just need a simple A/B box for the switching and something cool to look after my effects in both loops.

Will a couple of simple Y-Split cables work? Or will I have to look at going down a more tricky route?

Any other suggestions, aside from the gigrig are welcome!

Many thanks, this is truly a dilemma!
It sounds like it should work, haven't you already got enough to test?
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You can use them but remember you will have to run each preamp into both poweramps and both speakers at once.
So essentially, the A/B switch would be at the front (guitar - wah and stuff - A/B - amp input), then I'd do a Y split from both sends to the input of the effects, then a Y split back to both returns.

The A/B would take care of which pre-amp I use at any given time (never using both at the same time of course), but both the Twin's power amp and the Rec's power amp will be used to output that sound, am I right?

That wouldn't hurt anything would it?

Sounds cool, it'd definitely give me a bigger sound using both cabs at the same time.