When mastering a recorded song, which sound should i trust more..the sound coming out of my headphones, or the sound coming from my speakers?

Through my headphones the sound is terrific, but through my speakers the bass is up too high and i can hardly hear half the recorded tracks.

well u should really buy the mastering speakers, that have a natural EQ with nothing boosted for best quality.

but go your headphones as you can hear all the dynamics clearer so that way you can make sure the levels are right
Yeah that's kinda what i figured..cause to tell you the truth i'm using surround sound speakers haha..and they probably aren't of the highest quality anyways. I got 'em to listen to music not record but cool..i'll definitely check out those mastering speakers.

Any idea which kind would be best for starting out with?
This is why a pair of studio monitors is a good investment for any serious recording. They give a very 'flat' sound as a basis for a mix. Normal headphones and audio speakers are tuned to take that and reproduce music well and ok for speech. I'd say mix a copy down for your speakers and try it out on someone else's kit, preferably a dedicated sound system. That will give you some idea of how to improve it for the next mix.
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