Imagine that I want to make a thread. I use the search function and see that there was a previous thread on the same subject.

However, the last post on the thread was 3 months ago.

Do I bump the old thread? Or make a new one.

I'm asking, because I constantly see people getting flamed for either bumping an old thread, or making a new one when there are old threads lying around.

I hope that this question will ask other users.
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I say if the thread is a year old or over, make a new thread and say "searchbar'd, old thread is too old" if it isn't over a year old, bump it and say "bump, I have a valid opinion" or whatever
When someone gets flamed for bumping an old thread, I think it's usually because he doesn't really bring anything new to the thread or doesn't ask any questions - for example, he might answer a question someone asked 2 years ago.
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Its something that needs to be taken on a case by case basis.

If the existing thread in questions, was just a question, had been answered and left to fall to the bottom of the forum, i would say leaving it and starting a new thread if it is more than a week old.

If you see a thread on a discussion that you want to start over three months old, with not many posts (less than 40 or 50 say), i would leave it, and start a new thread, however if the thread is >100 posts, i would bump it.

Anything over a year imo shouldnt be bumped, unless it is an extremely large thread/only thread.

Also, you need to remember that in the pit, no matter what you do. People will flame.