hello everyone.

thing is whist happy with my cleans my amp produces (fender blues deluxe) i was wondering what overdrive would suit it. ive been thinking of the fulltone OCD. whats everyones oppinion on it? please feel free to offer alternatives (similar prices).

im also looking to get a delay pedal. was thinking about the EHX stereo man with hazarai. yet again what do you lot think about it / suitable alternatives?

i play a telecaster / les paul into fender blues deluxe. pedal wise i got big muff with wicker, small clone, ibanez lo-fi & cry baby.

thanks in advance.
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What style music do you play??
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I would go with the OCD or Crowther Hotcake.
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You might wanna get an EQ to boost your signal. crank the frequencies, and force some overdrive. Either that or go with the TS9, or the Bad Monkey, if you want a good piece of inexpensive gear.
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The Fulltone OCD, Crowther Audio Hotcake or the MI Audio Blues Boy Deluxe are the best for a lovely hard-rock overdrive tone.

And from personal experience, once again, the Carl Martin Red Repeat has one of the nicest tones for a delay, but it doesn't have as good features as, say for instance, the Digitech Hardwire DL 8 or the TC Electronics Nova Delay/Repeater.

I would probably go for the TC Electronic Nova Delay, but it is pricey.
hey cheers everyone for the advice, dont think the budget will stretch for the tc nova delay but if anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to let me know.

how is the sound quality with the bad monkey. never tried it but people seem to be split. seems mad if its just as good as the fulltone with such a low price for it.
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I was set on the Fulltone until I heard this. Had it a year now and it's almost never off and it will always be part of my rig.

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the OCD is godlike. its pretty much a cranked marshall in a pedal. I used to have the MI audio blue boy deluxe and its is a great option too. they are almost 2 different flavors though but both sound absolutely great.
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im in the uk, just had a quick look on google shopping thingy and doesnt seem available in the uk. thanks anyway.
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