I'm not really sure this is quite melodic death metal, but it is metal, and it is melodic, dunno bout the death part.

Somehow I actually managed to write this full song in like, 2 days, it just came to me.

So, critique me. Do any of the riffs get boring? Do they get too little exposure? Are the transitions smooth?

Just noticed, but there isn't much of a solo in there. Maybe I'll add one tomorrow.

Force Fall.zip
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getting it now, will post comments tomorrow
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Thanks for the crit!

Im critting this one as I go.

I dont like the intro at all and It might just be the drums.
I really like what you did at bar 11, really interesting and fun too. yay.

The lead in what might be the chorus is amazing at bar 20

Its good but slightly repetitive but I really like it for the most part.
Thanks for the crit.

The very first chord, in my opinion, would be better if one of the guitars did a harmony octave. I played around with it and like one of the guitars doing an octave on the 11th and 13th fret (E).

Bars 11-16 sounded good; I like the bass a lot. I think it would sound better, however, if you changed the last chord (which is currently D and F) to C# and F.

The riff starting at bar 61 was amazing.

The riff at 72, on the other hand, not so much in my opinion. I think the triplets kind of kill it. Maybe it sounds better when played on a real guitar with a real band, but in guitar pro it sounds a bit silly.

Overall it is a bit repetitive.

A few flaws, but still good. 7.5/10 from me.
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I love the bass! Really i love it! Guitars were nice too sounded kinda chaotic sum times but not too much. Keep it up.
melo death for the win.

The opening was meh. it get's your attention though.

love the bass at 11

It does seem that you switch riffs quite often. You could let them repeat once or twice.

likin' the chorus riff.

the triplet bars were done well.

114 was awesome.

the ending seemed a bit empty. try adding more drums.

Ease up on the blast beats here and there x_x''

Anyway it was nice. definately needs a solo though.

Mind looking at mine?
When did Melodic DM turn from music that mixed epic harmonies, evil riffs, depressing parts and downright brutal riffs into stuff like this? Which is essentially metalcore with more harmonies. Now your song is actually pretty good. But I wouldn't call in melodic DM, just some form of core. Anyways, most of it was good, had some uplifting parts like the (?) chorus. And some okay breakdowns. Though I do hate breakdowns, I know they're integral to -core.

Anyways, other then that one riff that was like... Dissonant chuggs it was good. Nothing amazing, but good. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1180216 - C4C, thats my song.