Hey folks

This time I got for you my entry for a skeleton competition - for those who don't know, you are given an empty tab (the "skeleton") with the time signatures and instrument choices already done for you, and markers which indicate the start/ending of different song parts, as well as some additional instructions. The objective is to fill it out xD

Rumpy made the skeleton for this competition, pretty hard, but I think I managed ok. See what you think of it, C4C is in order.
JR - Hyperactive Depression.zip
Absolutely mindblowing!
I havn't got time to leave the comment this deserves right now, but this is incredible.
My favourite was that painfully awesomely good groove section with the sax and clarinet solos
I think this is the most original and creative piece I have heard.
Thanks for the crit!

Rhodes Intro: I love the effect you created by using the volume swells. It's gives a very haunting feel to the intro. It's very atmospheric.

Main riff: The riff itself was amazing. I wouldn't consider it as a main riff though. It's not really memorable enough to me, as it just comes and goes without really sticking into my head. It would be great in an instrumental part of a song though, not just where you have it.

Verse 1: Great break from all the technicality here. Nice lead and Rhodes part underneath. I really like the progression in the second part of the verse too, and the leads going back and forth.

Solo: Very well written. I've got nothing bad to say.

Main riff/Variation: I take back my last statement. It actually works well when brought back and the keyboard lead over it was a great idea too.

Chipmunk Invasion: A bit random but surprisingly flows back into verse 2. I wouldn't change a thing in that part.

Verse 2: Nice job introducing a second verse with a new idea instead of just repeating the first. The lead had a couple of sour notes that I noticed. The B in measure 102 was a bit dodgy to my ears anyway, but you can keep it if you feel it's okay.

Chorus: Very nice. The saxophone was a great addition but GET RID OF THE CLAPPING. Replace them with snares at least.

Getting into the Jam: Great progression, good idea to make that solo battle between the sax and guitar. It sounded great.

Infectious Groove/Solos: Again, it's a bit strange with the synth and all, and the chord progression is also different, but it works here. The sax solo is well done and the...CLARINET SOLO? Haha. Great idea here and I loved measure 166.

Heavy riffs I/II: Very well done. I like the piano part in riff 1 and the piano solo was just insane, along with the tremolo picked riffing underneath it. Riff 2 is probably my favorite out of the whole song. You lead back into the main riff very well in that part too.

Slow Solo: Very nice way to end the piece. I have nothing bad to say about it. Great job, and great job overall.
Holy crap. That was insane.

Seriously, the most complex and insane song I've seen on this site. I'm jealous.
Well that was definitelly an experience!
That was so wrong, but so right?!!!

Definitelly worth listening too, guys!
ok as I go along
Intro: Umm, for some reason, the sound for the intro was working so I don't know

Main Riff: I don't know about this one. It didn't really stand out.

Verse 1: Love it, I like the different time signatures

Chorus: Again very well put together, all the instruments fit together.

Main riff/variation: Again it foes it's job, but not really a standout riff.

Chipmunk invasion: I like the tempo change, keeps the song interesting. Also, it leads perfectly into verse 2

Verse 2: Well put together, the instruments really fit.

Chorus 2: Again, I love the way all the instruments blend, to create many melodies that are all part of one big melody.

Jam: I like the progression here. It almost has a jazzy feel. A really good well placed solo.

Heavy riffs: It is pretty good, but maybe a little too much drums, tone that down just a little and I think it would sound fantastic.

Slow Solo: Sounds amazing, I love this part. It really fits perfectly into the song. IT has a great melody and really just ties up the song perfectly

will you please rate mine when you get a chance
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
OK so overall, this song was ****ing amazing. There weren't really any uninteresting parts at all, but there are some things I would like to point out:

TAKE OUT THE YANKEE DOODLE PART! At least, I think you should. I mean... It sounded cool, I guess, but on my second listen-through I wanted to skip it because it didn't fit at all.

First few bars of the honky-tonk solo were orgasmic.

'aaargh! the chipmunks took our instruments and are playing horrible music... ... although with good picking skills "
Quote by RedDeath9
TAKE OUT THE YANKEE DOODLE PART! At least, I think you should. I mean... It sounded cool, I guess, but on my second listen-through I wanted to skip it because it didn't fit at all.

looool I was waiting for someone to mention that
Sorry mate, it won't happen, that bit is just supposed to be stupid (the whole song is in a way xD) Glad you enjoyed anyway Will check something of yours.
dude....you are amazing...lol..this song is awesome, anyway, heres my crit

intro-i loved it, the piano was awesome, and the volume swells made me feel like i was at a circus gone wrong..

main riff- it was good, an thats saying alot, because i dont usually like this kind of metal..

verse 1- I loved it, the lead was the best part, really awesome..

chorus- the chorus is ok, up till bar 52, then it gets really good when the strings an the lead come in

guitar solo- the solo is amazing...an it was cool how the rhythm guitar faded in...

Main riff variation- the synth was kinda too crazy for my tastes, but thats just me..

chipmunk invasion-friggin genius..it was awesome...i liked the little dialogue above the music about throwing them some nuts, pretty comical...lol

verse 2- i liked the lead once again..

chorus 2- this time it kinda grew on me an i liked everything about it

getting into the jam- there were too many things going on at one time for me...

infectious grooves- i loved it, i really really liked the synth here

sax/clarinet solo- i liked both of these, it was kinda strange to see that there was a clarinet solo, but it worked, i liked it

heavy riff 1- it was golden..

solo-the piano solo was wicked awesome

heavy riff 2- this riff was kinda weird...i didnt like it

slow solo- awesome, it made me wanna cry...the best part of the whole song, i could listen to it over an over, i wish it would have lasted a little bit longer..lol..it was awesome

overall-it was insane, it was really different than anything that ive ever listened to..id give it a 8/10

C4C? its song 7 in my sig if you get the time....thanks
Rhodes Intro - Even with Guitar Pro's tone you were still able to set up an atmosphere and mood all the volume swells you used, very nice job. Towards the end it started to sound even creepier and more chaotic and build up very nicely, I thought it might feel a bit rushed but it worked out very well.

Main Riff - Although this riff continues with the feel that you built up towards the end of your intro, it just sounded a bit too chaotic for my interests, particularly due to what the keys are doing. The riff isn't too bad but the sound is just really confusing, especially as a main riff.

Verse I - Excellent job here though. As chaotic as your last riff sounded, the riffs throughout verse I were extremely melodic and had a great feel to them, just a much cleaner sound which I personally prefer. Great lead on here, really enjoyed this part.

Chorus I - I also really liked your chorus part. This bit had a bit more to it than the verse but not quite as much as your main riff, which gives it a nice balance somewhere in between. At first I wasn't too sure about it but it definitely didn't take very much time at all for me to get used to it, another good part.

Guitar Solo - The transition from the chorus lead into the actual guitar solo works well and flows naturally and the rest of the solo is just great from there. I personally enjoy it but I don't really have too much to say about it, I did like how you incorporated the keys into the end of the solo though, another good part.

Main Riff Variation - Basically the same as what I said with the main riff.

Chipmunk Invasion - As others have said, a bit random from the rest of the song but it actually works pretty well. The tempo change definitely adds some intensity to the song and the part itself continues with the chaotic feel that was created in previous sections.

Verse II - Basically what I said with verse I still applies here, excellent lead once again.

Chorus II - Personally I prefer the first chorus to this one just because it features a lead rather than sort of going back to the intro, but still not bad.

Getting Into The Jam - Very different feel from the rest of the song, but at least it's an interesting change at that. I liked your idea of using the saxophone to go along, yet not double, the guitar's lead, but during some parts it did sound just a bit too much for me.

Infectious Groove - I liked your rhythm during this part but I wasn't a huge fan of the synthesizers leads, just didn't do too much for me.

Saxophone And Clarinet Solo - Both of these solos work very well and now it seems like the past few sections, starting with The Jam, are really starting to come together and connect.

Heavy Riff I - Nothing too special here for me, not bad though.

Honky-Tonk Solo - I actually enjoyed this part quite a bit and felt like it worked well with the rhythms behind it, particular with the Rhodes piano parts.

Heavy Riff II - A bit better than heavy riff I but still not really anything that sounds too special for me.

Slow Solo/Outro - Both parts here are excellent, probably my favorite sections throughout this whole song. While the rest of the song was pretty chaotic, or at least upbeat, for the most part, these two sections really changed things up and went really more with a mellow approach which worked very well, excellent parts here.

Overall the song has a lot of changes throughout, and although they may seem random, they actually do end up connecting back to each other and working. Although some parts I thought were just average, I felt that some of your other parts on here were great.

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Quote by |_JR_|
looool I was waiting for someone to mention that
Sorry mate, it won't happen, that bit is just supposed to be stupid (the whole song is in a way xD) Glad you enjoyed anyway Will check something of yours.

Oh well, you can if you want, but I didn't really go in-depth into your song at all...