Ok, I'm in the market for a new Ibanéz. I'm not really sure on what i want. I want something cool, pref a prestige guitar. Not just plain boring, it has to look great, sound good, have good tremolo and so on. Hit me with ideas!

(I'm gonna play mostly metal)

(Price about 600-1000 dollarz)
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I wonder how many people are going to say an RG of some description...
But they are probably right.
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. Not just plain boring

Obviously can't be an RG then...

S series with the poplar top?
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Well, apparently I'm out for a RG yes, but as i said >prestige<, so no crappy edge III. There are great Ibanéz tremolos (Egde pro ex).

All RGs aint plain boring you know.
does it have to be an ibanez? im looking for something in the same price range and i've seen a few schecters and ESPs that look fine and have original floyds on them
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hmmm... the AF75TDGIV! fits every requirement of yours except it being a metal guitar XD
seriously though, what about the Xiphos XPT700 for something a bit different?
Ibanez S470DXQM

Can you even get a prestige for $1000? I thought they were all $1400+, new anyways.
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So Edge tremolos are crap now??

Go for an RG or S-SA.

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Used rg, I picked up a 2550z for under 650 when all said and done.
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there`s no accent on the e of ibanez.

what sort of bridge do you want how many strings do you want etc...........
@Sakattack75: Pretty much Ibanéz only, i love em and not intrested in anything else, been trying some others but they just don't suit me.

@texzephyr: The Xiphos looks awsome, just wrong tremolo on it (edge III = crap)

@ZeroCS: I don't like the S series lol. And I'm getting a used one of course cheesehead.

@vinc3nt: Rg oh yeah! No S series for me.

@azn_guitarist25: Thanks, I like the older ones!

@drivermod: Thats what I'm talking bout!

@ibanezgod1973: I've seen accents on Ibanéz, but but. I'm out for a Edge pro, lowpro or any else of the "good" tremolos, six strings. Pref in some cool red colour. Suit to all from Steve Vai and Van Halen to Children of Bodom and In Flames.
Wtf, I've seen Ibanez guitars with the accent. But nevermind.

Not gonna buy me a new one.
Ok, i'll look into them, thanks.

Sorry, there's no accent
It's a Japanese name, not a spanish one.

Also, not sure if you're down with the idea, but you could look at some used JEMs, like the 77BSB or something like that, they're pretty flashy guitars, might as well be RGs, and they have great pickups in already.
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It's a Japanese name, not a spanish one.

I would say it's spanish name. Hoshino Gakki bought the name from Salvador Ibáñez, he was guitar builder from Spain, and Gakki imported guitars from there to Japan.
Anyways, after buying the rights on name, he removed accents.
Ok ok, I guess youre right, sorry.

Yeah, I've looked at Jems and been thinking about getting one, but over here in Sweden they're expensive as hell.

I did, and I've been lookin on that site for the past year. The thing is i want peoples tips and oppinions, that's why I came here you see.
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Yeah, I've looked at Jems and been thinking about getting one, but over here in Sweden they're expensive as hell.

That's why you should go used.
I'd actually avoid the JEM7VWH, cos they are going to be expensive, used or new.
The one I suggested, the 77BSB, although there's usually about 1 on Ebay at a time, they go for less than half the price of a new 7VWH.
Though there are also the ones like the 7VSBL and the PBK and whatnot that are on ebay a fair bit, it's all about luck with used JEMs.