Hey guys, I've recently started to use my vypyr's USB feature to connect it to my laptop (6 years old, I think it has a bad sound card..)
I use reaper to record my guitar, but everytime i finish recording a distorted track there's a lot of extra noise that shouldn't be there. For example when i'm not recording and the amp speaker is playing the sound, the noise is perfect no extra feedback. But when it's plugged into the laptop the sound sounds ****.

Is this only because of the crappy soundcard that my laptop has, so if i use anothe newer PC, it'll be better.

More to the point: I heard ASIO drivers or software (not sure which version, help?) will improve the quality of this and maybe get rid of this problem.
Is this true, anyone have any experience?
I take it you are recording directly into the audio interface? if so this is what i do -

I use ASIO drivers when im recording through my Fast Track, it improves it tenfold.
For me it got rid of a lot of extra hissing and lag, just download, install and go into preferences in reaper, choose asio4all and then the device you are recording through - it should solve the problem.

Use this link - http://www.asio4all.com/

Edit - Ahhhh sound card, still worth a try though ^^
A lot of hardware interfaces come with this driver. I recently bought a Line 6 Pod Farm GX, and it comes with the ASIO driver. I don't fully understand it, however I am under the impression it works with the USB to cut lag. If you have the money, you should get something like this.
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