Russian axeman Slavic Selin's album, Senses, is a work composed and recorded over a 5 year timeframe. It consists of tracks each of which is in a different style, but all are united by the same spirit. It is a mix of hard rock, blues, fusion and electronic music. The concept of the record is to bring emotions to the surface, because we can't always remember what made us feel a particular way, but it stays with us. The album contains ten instrumental tracks and one bonus song, "If You Don't Dream".

The album was recorded by famous Russian and foregin musicians, including Nikolay Korshunov, Sergey Abramov, Sergey Sergeev and Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Shakira, The Tubes). The album was recorded at South Cross Records (Moscow) and SkyLine Studios (New York). Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Hard Rock/Pop), total running time, 42:51

Order and listen at http://www.guitar9.com/senses.html
More info at http://www.slavicselin.com/