Retro thrash or not?
retro thrash or not?
I am kind of dissapointed with the "retro-thrash" movement that's been taking place. It's not bad music but bands like Municipal Waste and Merciless Death seem to not have a distinctive style or very little distinctive style. I need some people's opinions on whether my style reminds them of 80's thrash bands. To me, I am somewhat reminded of a mix of the first two maiden records and some Megadeth from the first 3 records with the OVerkill energy. But I don't think it sounds copycattish as much as bands like Fueled by Fire and such. So I was wondering what everyone elses opinions are on my music. But some notes

The destroyer-first riff has been beefed up a bit
Lethal Injection-one riff removed before the lead part is removed
Reel em in-badly recorded but sounds better played loud
the virus-no changes
conspiracy-first riff after lead intro has been removed.
500,000 ft-drums are beefed up where they slow down.

And no leads or vocals have been recorded yet. But give opinions on the riffs and if they sound good/original. Thanks mates. and please don't comment about my views on the movement. Just on MY music.

Thanks again. Just copy and paste the link.

I'm not advertising just asking for some feedback. (I hope you meant that this is the right forum)
Yup, I went to the link you provided. For some reason, the player doesn't show up on your page. It shows up on other people's pages on here. I'm not sure what the problem is.
really sbinlb. It reminds me of Megadeth and Maiden mixed. Well thanks for giving me feedback.
It reminded me a lot of the So Far So Good.. So What? Megadeth-era.. I liked it
Hey, listened to 500,000 ft. Could obviously benefit from some proper recording but overall I think it sounds very good. I agree with Situacao, can hear a lot of So Far, so good Megadeth. Interesting riffs and enough changes to keep it interested. Would be very interested to hear it better recorded and with vocals. Also some lead parts. Nice noe.

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Quote by ST Thrash
It reminds me of So Far and KIMB megadeth a lot.

Is this meant to be a crit of mine?!
No, I couldn't listen to yours cause I don't have the right player for it, but I'll try again. I was adding to what you said up there about mine.