Hello fellow musicians!

I started this thread wondering if others are seriously addicted to guitar

I just picked my strat up for the first time in years and I can't put it down. I dream about it!

Last night I was in what was like a sleepless dream, where I played the pentatonic scale and went through all the notes on the fretboard! Then I started going over all the new chords I had learnt last night and worked out which notes the chords comprise.

Do others have dreams about guitar too? And if so, do you lay off the guitar for a bit or continue playing just as much or more?

I've fallen back in love with guitar! <3
Its' a love and an addiction, music is the ultimate 'drug' with no bad side effect except ther sadness when it doesn't work or ends.

I say embrace it, everyone has an internal addiction to music from natural rhythm. Music is great and I really wish everyone knew how to play an instrument (from piano to guitar to double bass to flute to harp, something) because the world seems to turn at a different pace when I'm in the same room with other serious musicians, even if the discussion isn't at all about music.
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Embrace it.


If you dream about playing guitar, then you shouldn't stop playing guitar methinks

I actually had a dream about guitars too, it was something about a secret room in my house which contained all of my dream guitars lol.
Yeah, dude. I had a dream that I was surrounded by about 50 Les Paul Customs, and then I picked one up, dropped it, it smashed and then I woke up.
embrace it!
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Embrace it, don't ever ditch it.
On the topic of whiney singers.

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But not Robb Flynn, he has epic vocal chords (they're made from barbed wire and gaffer tape).

clearly embrace it.
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XD not bad

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I must say, i love it!
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TS, embrace it. Embrace it and love it. You are addicted to a great thing, and when you get to university the chicks will love it
Embrace it??!
i guess i just play guitar cause i am bored and i like music..
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Yeah, similar to that I guess. I dunno. Be creative.
Embrace. No Ditchy.
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I think its a unanimous desicion that you should embrace it, its better than being complacent with it and struggling to have a good time with it.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.