I searched and couldn't find a thread, so here it is.

I've known about these guys for the better part of four years now, but found them very hard to get into for some reason (they really aren't). I've recently been listening a whole lot and they've become one of my new favorites. I love Last Minute on Earth and all of The Rainmaker album.. and all of Space Revolver.. and Retropolis. I haven't listened to a lot beyond those.

About to place some orders on Amazon and Ebay for The Sum of No Evil, Stardust We Are, Back in the World of Adventures, Paradox Hotel, Unfold the Future, and a real copy of Retropolis since mine may or may not be a torrent copy.

While we're at it, does anyone know of a band called The Tangent? I was a fan of these guys before The Flower Kings. It's three guys from some other bands (Parallel or 90 Degrees? Never heard of them..) and three guys from the Flower Kings, including Roine Stolt, the genius behind the project. Their album A Place in the Queue is fantastic, lots of cool jazzy stuff and a cool kind of 'dance-prog' song called The Sun in My Eyes..

Discuss.. favorites, recommendations, concerts, etc.
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No love?? Man, prog forum must be nearly dead here..

Heard OF them and was pretty interested. How would you describe them?
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Heard OF them and was pretty interested. How would you describe them?

I'd say they take a lot of influence from early prog like Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson. They also have a huge background in jazz and like to incorporate that into their work, which is cool. Lots of cool keyboard and synth work, not very heavy.

Check out the song Last Minute on Earth
Sorry the response is a little late but I do too love these guys. It amazes me how they are able to write/record/release such huge albums in such a short time then play them in concert immediately afterward. They have so much ****ing music it makes my head spin and that's not including Roines's solo music, the Tangent, Transatlantic, Kaipa, etc. I've been listening to them since last December and so far I'd say Unfold the Future is my favorite album but damn it's so long.

I made a thread about the prog band Glass Hammer a few months ago and I think just one person replied.

as for the prog forum, yes music like this becomes more and more obscure with age. it was almost completely dead until the mid 90's when bands like this and Spock's Beard came around and now it's very obscure again. The most popular prog bands these days are like Between the Buried and Me and Mastodon which don't sound anything like Yes or The Flower Kings!
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Getting into them currently but they do have LOADS of music it's interesting stuff though. As for new[er] prog acts it's somewhat watered down compared to bands from the 70's / 80's even Pain of Salvation's new album is quite a step away from what you would expect from a prog / metal act.

Really liking the tangent though, my friend is the new guitarist ever since the previous guy joined Transatlantic
^ If you don't know where to begin I reccomend Starudst We Are but it's a LONG album. All their albums are amazing though 10/10