Hey everyone, iv been playing guitar for a few years now and still havent tryed to learn any scales or anything. Can anyone give me a list of a few good techniques to learn and what scales i should start off on? much appreciated guys
There are plenty of guides and the like on UG
search through lessons and you will find some great ones
yeah i know but what should i start off on i dont want to just jump into a ton of stuff and get messed up on it lol
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That isn't the pentatonic scale but still, yeah, learn the Minor+ major pentatonic, and natural minor+major?

I know, i guess i didn't make it clear they weren't related
Pentatonics, Major scale, Modes.
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Start with the major scale, the minor scale, and the pentatonic scale (the major and minor ones). Those four scales provide the basis for everything a guitarist can and will play.