Psssh, I once heard a car try to jump horse.
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
Saw this on SA's news. My state's news is so boring that we have to revert to watching horses jumping over cars 10,000 miles away.

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i though the horse would get owned i was wrong
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I love you for that thread...

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I am now mentally scarred by the image of Peter Crouch getting penalised.
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Did the people get hurt, I just want to know so I will now if I'm going to hell for laughing and then showing my mom.

guess depends what car it was....they don't really account for such an event in the safety tests
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XD not bad

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You're my hero.

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I must say, i love it!
That car got PWNT!

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I love the say the horse just sort of slid over the top of the car, like he's saying **** you car, this is my road.

Also why didn't the car stop it was still moving when the horse jumped it :\
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