So im studying some different types of chord work and looking at tab etc. and i noticed Froosh doing alot i understand he plays a bass note and a high note from each chord.

But can somebody explain it a bit better please and enlighten me on what chords to use,im guessing major/minor barre chords but im not sure

Thanks UG
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If I am to interpret this correct, the technique you are referring to is very broad.

Take any chord progression you want, for examples sake I'll use a really easy one like Cmaj Eminor.

        Cmaj        Eminor

After strummer these chords, you can very simply, or be as complicated as you want, add in addition notes or re-pick notes that you have already played to create a melody.

You can use open strings to keep your fingers free, you can find notes figuring out what scale you are in or use familiar shapes, or you can just try and add some notes and see what sounds good.

Basically what I find myself doing is creating a chord progression, then creating a melody, then figuring out a way (sometimes I have to use alternative tunings) to play both at the same time.

Does this help to answer your question?
Okay then.

What I said is pretty much accurate then, instead of strumming the chords, just hit the bottom note of each chord with your thumb and play the 'lead' part with your other fingers.
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