im in a metal/hard rock band and am looking for a nice big ass amp. i was thinking mesa boogie mark iv/5 but thats too expensive.

so i did some more research and im thinking marshall jcm2000 tsl 100 head ??
is this a good idea will it give me a nice heavy tone.

WHAT ABOUT A CAB ??? i have no knowldge on cabs does it have to b a certain size to the head???? wats there job ??? HELP !!!
What is your idea of Metal\Hard Rock, some of the bands you want to play, what is your budget.

You can get a good cab from Avatar or Craigslist. The cab needs to match the ohms selection that is on the back of your amp, so if you buy a 16ohm cab, you need to make sure your amp is capable of supporting 16. It is most common for amps to have a 3 way selector for ohms, so you should be alright. The job of a cab is to amplify the sound. Heads have no speaker and cannot be run without a cab.
ahhh i see, thanks and music wise, avenged sevenfold, mettalica, lamb of god, trivium... does the jcm2000 tsl100 suit this ??? x