I have an American Stratocaster and I'm looking for a good clean amp that's pedal-friendly under $2000 Australian (approx. $1600 US).

Tone-wise, I need to be able to nail everything from cleans to Hendrix-type fuzz, but my pedals can handle the gnarly stuff, I mostly want good cleans.

I'm leaning towards amps like the Fender Blues Deluxe and the Roland JC-120 but I'm still undecided.

What say ye?
The blues deluxe wont give you great cleans, it's always a little bit on the gritty side. Look into the Mesa Lonestar, any blackface fender amp (Twin, deluxe, etc), and maybe a Vox AC30 (breaks up a little more easily, but good chimey clean tones).
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i love twin reverbs for cleans but idk bout the pedal friendly stuff. that amp was made for cleans. idk look into that?