I hope the link works,never posted a ebay link before so hope it works.I'm a Lefty and want a new bass and my choices are limited.I have a Dean Edge that Iv'e been playing for a few years and it's time to upgrade my bass.I found a Esp ltd b255 on the bay but can't find it elsewhere.Is it a good bass?Has it been discontinued?Any info on this bass would be great.I'm sure I wouldn't be able to find one that I can play so it would be bought and hope it would be great.Any info on it being good or bad would help a bunch.

I have also been looking at a Ibanez sr300 and a Steinberger B2avlh.I played the Ibanez at gc and really liked the bass,never played a Steinberger before so no info on those.I'm looking at 700 max for a new lefty bass any info on any of these would be great.Any other suggestions would also be great,but please don't tell me to get a Fender.I hate Fender so thats out no matter how good they sound never been a fender guy so anything besides a Fender Thanks for helping out a fellow bassist
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What kind of music style do you play (even if its a lot) and what type of sound in a bass do you want (i.e growly, very low end ish, trebly etc.)
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