Hey I've actually been playing guitar over 10 years and i'm not too bad but recently i've been getting into some acoustic fingerstlye and noticed that when i really break it doen and play each string of a barred chord i'm muting the g string all the time and no ammount of tweaking seems to fix it.. and if i do get it i'll compromise another string...
Say for instance 242225 a chord like this will give me trouble in the g and b strings... i've playing long enough now that i should have it down but it's like my fingers not made for it..

Any advice?
Well i'd try different strings but i don't know, but i have the same trouble with acoustics also, i think thinner strings might do it.
try lighter strings. also consider getting your guitar looked at by a luthier - chances are that you can get the action lowered, which will help.
thanks for the replies..

I am using lights, always do... and although i'm using a bad guitar ive tried on really good ones with great action still have trouble... and also i should be able to manage to barre a chord on heavy strings even on a guitar with no action if i really tried..

i believe it's a problem of technique rather than equipment, acoustic guitars are harder to barre, but it's not impossible, especially for someone like you that plays the guitar for 10 years....

Normally this problem (one of the strings muting) is because when you barre the strings, one them stays exactly in the middle of the phalanges of the 1st finger, thus, it's not pressed down fully and it gives that mute sound

Try positioning your finger higher ou lower across the fretboard so that no strings fall into that space and see if that solves the problem...........
That would be really hard to diagnose over the internet. Best bet is that either you need to lower the action of your guitar or twist your index finger alittle more and use the side facing the thumb to barre. When I first started barring I used my front of my finger and it was okay for strumming but for finger picking and accuracy I've gotten used to turning my finger on it's side. Another good bet is that the crease of your finger is resting on your G string. Try moving it up and down til it works