I Wanna Die - By Adam Green
It's on my profile, and i'm quite proud of this really
I'm wandering how good the quality of the actual recording is?


Do you think it could be demo CD quality? Obviously for when I get my own songs.
wow man, excellent quality. I like your style , it's relaxing, reminds me a bit of Mr. Bojangles style.. it's cool, like you're telling a story.
Mm, very relaxing. Sounds pretty folky, which I dig quite a bit. Your vocal style suits this song quite well, IMO. Very natural sounding. The high-pitched support instrument in the back really helps sell this cover for me. Reminds me of a musical saw. I dig it.
Thanks for your comment on mine.

I like it a lot. I've never heard the original, but your voice fits that style really well (like others have said). It sounds a lot like you're just sitting and telling a story. The recording sounded good too. I didn't hear any hiss at all.
ok, im a big fan of adam green i can say that this cover is pretty much 100% perfect.
quality is good for a "bedroom-recording" (i guess you dont have your own studio )

it just kinda lacks "beef" (basically lower frequencies), so if youre planning on doing a demo cd and your own stuff isnt all acoustic, you should definetly work on the mixing.

oh yeah i actually listened to the original to have a comparison
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Thanks dude

Yeah I used a USB mic, and Reaper on my laptop. It's the first i've ever tried to mix properly, and didnt do the best job I know, but im still learning

I'll be recording more covers soon, so I'll see how I get on.

Thanks for the feedback