(Verse 1)
He’s dreaming of dreams
Not coming up for air
We lie to ourselves
As if we don’t care
He rustles gently
Grabbing hold of what he can
But it seems the night has jaded
And he’s dehydrated again

Pressure’s building up
And he’s gotta lot to say
About how less traveled he is
Ohh hes going the wrong way

Can’t you tell…
I'd do anything for you as long as
You keep the beat of the drum
And stay off the drugs

It’s like talking to wallpaper
Where the pattern only descends
Do me a favor
And stay off the drugs
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I like this song but not the line/title "stay off the drugs" why not try to turn that into a subtle metaphor for what you're trying to say. This could be just me but I think "stay off the drugs sounds to, blunt, if you will.