i did a quick search and couldnt really find anything with too much on what im looking to find out

but basically, does anyone have any idea about the new big muff pi with tone wicker? ive listened to some clips on youtube and although its said to have the exact same sound as the original big muff just with the new features, one 'shootout' video which compared the muffs side to side seemed to have the original big muff sounding better than the tone wicker with my eyes closed.

if anyone has any experience with both pedals then thatd be a huge help, thanks
^part of that can depend on which "original" muff they were using because there are a lot of versions of the muff out there. When the tonewicker switches are off they are disconnected and therefor they shouldn't effect the tone. The question is which muff circuit are they using in the tonewicker pedals?
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It can be hard to even compare 2 muffs of the same series much less between all the versions out there.
oh right, well the two which im deciding between are the big muff / tone wicker + the current version of the big muff pi, the reissue.
I had the Big Muff TW and it was OK i like the Russian Muff more.
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