how out of tune was your guitar when you got it? mine was way off and i finally got it tuned right yesterday
el cheapo gear but it works
My bass was tuned to DGC#F#, so that was ****ed.

My guitar came tuned to Eb standard, however, I wanted it in standard so I ofcourse ****ed the floyd rose the first time I retuned it.
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My last one was not perfect. The G string intonation was wrong but the driver had left it in his van overnight in sub-zero temperatures and the saddle had slipped back. Soon enough fixed. Amazingly, my cheap 12-string arrived from Germany in a cardboard box in January and was almost perfectly in tune.
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i think my Schecter was just about a few cents off, but it wasn't too bad.
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Regardless if I receive it tuned or not, I still like to go about and set it up my way. But it's nice when the intonation is dead on when you receive it!

And congrats on getting your guitar tuned!