i'm volunteering in Birmingham UK, working with alcoholics/homeless people for a month. there's a German homeless guy who comes to the drop-in centres where i work and because no-one speaks German he's had no proper contact with anyone for liek a year.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew of some sort of group, help centre or anything that would be able to help him or just simply give him some contact with people he can actually talk to. i'm prolly being too hopeful but i'd really appreciate any help. i searched for some groups/programmes etc but found nothing.

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I really like that you're atleast trying this, dont get me started but I think people nowadays are rude and unfriendly, atleast most of them. I'd give ads a shot, not only in real life but try putting ads on the internet aswell. Maybe you could call around to other volunteering centers, ask around if there's anyone who speaks german ?
Give him one of these so he feels at home:
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Just put ads up or something for anyone who speaks German.

I don't know really, but it's a suggestion.

this is probably the best idea you'll get, apart from learning basic german to help him
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language departments in universities.

students are usually up for volunteer work.
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you're a nice guy.

take him to a hospital. There are usually translators that work there, for patients that don't speak english. They could help him.
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I know that here in the states, any major city will have a cultural center that's practically an embassy, particularly with a larger population such as German, Italian, French, et al.

Learn a couple phrases in German, toss 'em out to him for a smile.
Everyone's suggested some really good ideas.

I just wanted to say that its awesome that you're trying to help people. If more people went a little out of their way to help others the world would be a much better place. Good job.
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type what you want to say, translate it into german, wont be perfect grammer, but itll be better than nothing

I'm not sure about the structure of the German language, but I can say that free translators on the internet butcher Spanish translations. I wouldn't recommend this.

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why don't you ask him if "können Sie Ihren Penis in meinen Mund" ?

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