I've been playing for a month and a half now,I'm doing pretty good I guess but I have some problems with my right hand technique.

I thought I was holding the pick alright but maybe I don't cuz when I play my index finger always touches the strings.

Can anyone help me with this or tell me where I could find some information about strumming?
You should have very small part of pick showing, and don't worry, everyone has a different way of holding a pick
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This is usually what's taught:

Personally I don't do it that way (It's like a slightly looser form of that), but it's a good start.

I basically hold like the pic but with more of an open fist and with the pick more towards the tip of my thumb instead of at the knuckle.
If it works for you, run with it! I held my pick weird earlier on and thought I was doing it wrong and so I had to rebuild my entire strumming/picking ability. Don't make the same mistake. Now if you are muting strings because your thumb is touching them then just slowing move your thumb up a bit until that's not happening anymore