Hey guys. Im not too impressed with my 6505 combo. Im trading it for a XXX head. Im going to need a cab to go along with this. I play alot of Lamb of God, Parkway Drive, Killswitch, etc.. There is a Marshall 1960a cab down at my guitar center for like 350. That seemed pretty good to me. Any suggestions. I dont want to spend more than 500. I was also looking at an avatar cabinet. But im not sure which speakers to get.
Avatar, with V30s would be a pretty standard response. So that is what I will give.
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Avatar, Vader, Mesa are all great cabs you can get around that budget. Stick with something with V30's. As for the Marshall cab stay as far away from that cab as humanly possibly with that amp...
Any Full sized cab loaded with etheir V30, G12-30, G12K-100's or Eminence Swamp-Thang and Texas Heats, all sound great with the Triple X, the Marshall cab should work okay, but the G12-75s are not my favorite speaker with Peavey amps, if its a 1960V that would be perfect, V=V30.
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Anything with Eminence speakers to tame the fizz and brightness of the Triple XXX. It's a great sounding amp, and is even better with some JJ tubes and Eminence speakers.
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I prefer Eminence speakers with peavey amps especially the triple x.
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