Is there a term for the notes produced at the neck when tapping? Like when you hammer on a fret and it makes 2 notes, one at the soundhole and one on "behind" the fret. You can hear it as long as the guitar is unplugged
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I'm not too sure, but i think It might be called something like the "Ghost Tone". Some other people on here probably know, but I think I've heard it called that before. I've noticed if you're tapping past the 12th fret it starts to overpower the note you're trying to play (well on my guitar it does this...then again, my guitar isn't that nice).
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^ It happens to any guitar no matter how nice it is. Maybe even moreso on better guitars because they're built to resonate better. The only way to really overcome it is to amplify the guitar. It should pickup the note you want since the pickup system will be in the body/lower half of the guitar.

Also, there is a term for what you're referring to, but I don't remember what it's called.
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