I've been wanting to get a new guitar and amp for a while, and I probably won't have enough money until around Christmas(I'm 15 and get an allowance). I could probably talk my parents, however, into letting me sell my current gear so I can get something better.

I have a wah-wah pedal that I hate. It may work for someone else's sound, but not mine, that I bought for $80, and sells for $50(new) on musicians friend(Danelectro Trip-L-Wah).

I also have an amp that sells for around $80 new online. It is a Johnson Reptone 15. I just can't stand the overdrive on this... 4 sounds the same as 10. Again, nothing wrong with it, just not my style.

I am asking if I should sell my gear(and for how much should it sell for), considering the amp plays like new and has no cosmetic flaws, and the wah pedal was used for about 2 hours.
i have that amp its not so bad, but to get get a decent size and quality amp you will have to save up a good amount of money . i would sell it for like 60$ and the wah for like 40 or 35
would you be able to afford an amp/guitar with your earnings?
and if you hate the gear, i'd sell it anyway. unless the amp's your only amp, in which case i recommend you keep it until christmas. then you'll have x-mas money and earnings towards gear!
Also, buy after christmas during the year end sales (hopefully your store isn't too greedy and will have sales).
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