Hi, I'm looking to buy a Peavey Delta Blues (115, but i'll try the 210) I Live in the NW of England so sellers nearby would be nice, as i'd like to try before i buy, but i'm willing to travel a sensible distance. I'm open to offers, tell me how much you want for it and i'll get back to you. PM me with details(i.e. location, age, condition and price), but please leave a message here saying you've pm'd me so i know, because i'll never check my PM's otherwise ,


I've got a rock monkey southern belle for sale. It's a tweed fender circuit with a 15" Jensen in it.
Not taking any online orders.
hmm interesting, but i have no experience with those and aren't you based in Wales Cord?
Edit: nevermind Cord, i checked your Site, and the belle is out of my price range thanks anyway