Let me start by saying this is a personal statement im making, but only for hopes of knowledge that could help me become a better guitarist. I'll try to be completely honest in hopes to find the best information... I am now 17 years old and have been playing guitar since I was in the 8th grade. I was never serious about guitar until recently, and never practiced like i should until say around 5 months ago. When I was younger, i had a weight problem and was slightly larger than most kids my age. i know this sounds irrelavent now but hopefully you'll understand later. When I got into middle school, other kids would start to make fun of me, call me names, the usual immature stuff that kids do. but at the time i took it to heart, and decided i needed to do something about my weight. so after months of changing my eating habits and plenty of exercise i lost a lot of weight and looking back now i was in excellent condition. but at the time i didnt think so, and in order to maintain my body weight i struggled with eating disorders. i became both an anorexic and bulimic, all starting around 7th grade, and the disorders continued until I was in about 9th grade. its something i'll always regret in my life, but am glad to have recovered on m own... getting more towards the point now, i have developed small tremors in my hands over the past years. whether they are linked to my disorders or not im not sure, its very possible ive had the tremors since childhood and just never realized it until it really bothered me. i feel that its possible that they affect my playing and progress as a guitarist. the tremors arent horribly bad, they're only present when my hands are suspended in the air or not in a motion. but i can definatly feel them when im playing. its like a shaky, out of control feeling i get, yet i still have all control in my fingers. I try my best to explain the situation, but i realize its difficult to do so. I feel i progress much slower than most people who have played guitar. it really lowers my self esteem feeling like its not possible for me to reach the level i want to be at. and what bothers me the most is i feel like i can and should be able to play guitar. because deep down i want it, and rarely anything more. i'll practice for hours and i feel like i barely get anywhere. the most i can do is play simple and some complex scales without hardly any mistakes, but honestly i rarely know any songs. and the ones i do know im horrible at, no matter how hard i practice. all im asking is for someone to please give me some advice, or any reassurance.. it would be a huge relief to realize that there are people out there who has had similar experiences and success through their problems. Really looking to get serious at guitar as im going to a performing arts school for vocal music this coming year. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
Ask your doctor how much they affect you, and weather there is any exercises you can do to limit there affects

also, try paragraphing.
i have those tremors too and i was also overwieght in middle school,but i think the tremors in my hands dont affect my playing at all. i think that memorizing a song and guitar part would help you be able to play songs. because when you read a tab you will know the rythm already. thats what i do on some harder songs.
You're impatience will be the downfall of your guitar playing, not your tremors.

You can want it as much as you want, but the sheer quantity of knowledge it takes to play the guitar, and then the amount of creativity it takes, is something 80% of young guitarists underestimate, no matter what age they began at.

My advice to you is, do as much as you can do, consistently, and i'll be damned if you don't get where you want 2 get after it all.
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Seriously though, practice more, learn songs, your probably not noticing any improvement because your progressing slowly.