Well i bought a spider line 6 150 watts i know people dont like them but thats besides the point. i bought it but i was drumming for a different band so didnt play it as soon as i got it so bout a week or two later i play it. everytime i crank it a little over half way up it barks so bad like a watery noise its definatly the amp i tried three cabinets cords u name it it sounds awful. now there saying they dont know if they can take it back or refund store credit. so basically they sold me a faulty amp and wont do anything about they ''think''
Thank you for calling the customer service department...


That's not me.
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Unless its electronic drums.

You could head to http://line6.com/community/community/support

Take it back, somehow. Orpawn it off and act like its supposed to be this bad. My Spider is collecting dust in my studio, I gigged with it once about six months ago and it blew. When I crank the volume up to 6 it sounds like a chainsaw, and there's so much pissin' noise comin from that one speaker. I know its a celestion but damn!
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It barks so bad like a watery noise ?
Hmm, maybe that's how the cranked Spiders are supposed to sound?
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