I actually just saw them for the first and second time a few weeks ago in ATL. My favorite song is probably Recreational Chemistry or Plane Crash.

I assume you're talking about a different Moe, but what the Hell?
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Quote by SaiNt adEL #13

I assume you're talking about a different Moe, but what the Hell?

They've actually played a number of Simposons songs...the main theme, Itchy And Scratchy Theme, See My Vest, Flaming Moe's, etc...
I'd have to say my favorite songs are Faker, Happy Hour Hero, & Okayalright. I do have a thing for Water though, and no one else really seems to like that song like I do.

moe. is such a great band, though I definitly reccomend everyone to check them out. They are a jam band on the level of Umphrey's McGee, String Cheese Incident & Phish without a doubt. They got the good 'ol rock 'n roll influences, country, blues, jazz, and prog-rock(as in Frank Zappa, ABB, etc.) all mixed up in one funny, tastey mess.

I can't wait to see them live, I was supposed to at the beginning of the summer in Peoria, but I couldn't get down there because of some trouble I've gotten in.
well i logged on to UG for some kicks and giggles and seen this and i must have input. moe. is a awsome band i love them to death! i've seen them 12 times and loved everytime!!!!! i sadly must say this is the first year since moe.down 6 that i am not going :-(

favorite album would be a toss up between fatboy and tin cans and car tires. lol idk for some strange reason the immaturity they have on fatboy just makes me giggle and i love it!

favorite songs would have to be yodelittle, plane crash and big world.

anyone know the name of that jewish jam on long island girls rule? i wanna learn it hahah
Currently watching the moe.down live broadcast. This set will probably be ending shortly, but they are going to play some of today's day set during set break. After that it's another hour or so of live broadcast... http://iclips.net/moedownx.php