if its not a mistake buy a sh*t load and sell it for 5 bux each
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maybe best buy owns ernie ball?
and this is all just one giant conspiracy theory by the music industries.
but then again it could just be one really killer **** up
Yeah buy them if its the marked price they can't deny you of it.
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Spot on, JWZ28, spot on.

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Yeah but shippin is a problem.

Not if you buy a bunch...

Heck, buy two and you're already way ahead of the game...

Buy 20 of em, you've got a good $100+ worth of strigns, for about $25...

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Yep, but I put 6 in the cart, and shipping went up to $24 bucks...

2001 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
2001 MIM Standard Strat
Peavey Classic 30 112 Combo.
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^^ Yup, I put 50 in and the shipping went up to approx $200.

Damn, I woulda bought 20 at least...

Edit: And those shipping charges go with all the strings, not just the 99 cent ones...
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So I would say it's probably NOT a mistake...
They plan on making their money on the shipping...

2001 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
2001 MIM Standard Strat
Peavey Classic 30 112 Combo.
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They have to sell for the price they market it at so buy it if it comes through as more tell them.
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Sweet with there great financing offer on some $.99 strings
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So could you do multiple orders for a cheaper shipping fee?
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I've seen people do stuff like this only to see a nice fat bill on the card with the correct pricing so buyer beware...