Kinda like the official Skateboarding thread. This ones all about BMX. Post pics of your bikes, stories and advice. Well im looking for a new bike around the 300 range. Should i get an Eastern or a DK?
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Hey bro, great Idea. I'm getting a used Eastern 'Element' tomorrow, the fully white one, pretty much never been ridden. It was too good of a deal to pass up haha. Easterns are really good bikes, I haven't rode much DK though.

Oh, haha, I didn't realise this thread was started like 3 months ago, I'm late!
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I have a really shite BMX with no brakes and I swapped the seat off my sisters old bike I don't even know which make it is. It has a Union Flag on it and a 'D' like symbol, any help?
I got the bike yesterday, it's freaking great. Pretty much brand new for $250aus. I'll post pics within the next few days if you like. Hey rhcp33 you got a new bike yet?
Hi, I used to bmx. I had a reaper frame and snafu forks, bars, grips etc.

I got fairly good, I could do different peg grinds and 360. I could also air this big tranny we have at our local park.

I prefer skating now.
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Save up money and get the parts you want because in the end you'll have a better feeling bike and will progress faster because your bike will just be THAT much more comfortable..remember to get the proper size frame or you'll kick yourself in the ass and have back problems haha
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i've met soo many bmx'ers at uni
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DK bikes are **** in my opinion. Get a wtp or fit. Easterns aren't also good, they try to save weight, but parts aren't the ones, that will last you long. I used to bmx, but i find myself not riding much anymore. Almost did whips, needed to put one foot. Then i sprained my ankle hard.
Rfrecka summed it up perfectly.

I prefer buying seperate parts rather then a complete. Don't buy a mongoose.
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I recently got an Eastern Jane and so far it feels fairly solid. I been riding for about 9 years now and coming from a background in racing and street bikes that weighed a tonne id say we are in a golden age right now.
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