Ok, basically i really like the shape etc. of the Hellraiser Avenger, but i want a Floyd Rose on it. The only way to do that (other than adding one after) is to buy the Synyster Gates custom or the 2009 limited Avenger which is only in white...

Now i am happy with either of those, but i would prefer one that was a) not a signature guitar, and b) one which i could choose the colour of (not a big fan of white guitars :P)

SO what i want to know is:

Are there any other guitars with the Hellraiser Avenger shape (or similar) or if not, which one would you guys recommend? the Syn Gates custom or the '09 limited?

(and yes, i am an A7X fan, so it's not like i would be buying a signature guitar of a guitarist i hate :P)

oh yeah, this is the shape if you haven't seen it...