thanks for the crit man!

nice acoustic guitar work. simple but really effective use of embellishments with the hammer ons and what not. the arrangement definitely compliments the song. my one suggestion would be considering a more distinct change up in rhythm for a bridge section or final chorus to give it a little extra. harmonies would be fantastic on the one as well.

- angelo
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I like your song, it's a good change of pace from the stuff we're accustomed to hearing here. There are a lot of songs out there that are much more complex, but I believe there's also an art in simplicity, and your track shows that pretty well. But I would add a 2nd guitar, just for a little variation!
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Hey thanks for the crit!

Well I like it, it's quiet, and your singing and lyrics are good, as well as the chord progression.

I would have added a little bit of harmonica, it's not essential, but it would have sounded like a bob dylan song

I already listened to one of your songs before, and I also liked it