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It must have:
Desinger pickups- Seymore Duncans, Bare Knucles, EMG, Dimarzio.
2 volumes.
1 or 2 tone knobs. I can't play guitar without the tone knobs.
22/24 frets.
Must have OFR or a good locking tremelo system. so no Edge III.
It must have 2 pick ups.
It must have fret inlays. By fret in lays i mean normall fret inlays not just a dot or a fancy doodle on the 12th fret, or crazy inlays like Steve Vai.

Right. thats pretty much it.

I play a range from Metal to Blues.
Favourite bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden,Fleetwood Mac, Megadeth, Joe Satriani, Buckethead, Gary Moore, Steve Ray Vaughn and Trivium and so forth.
Don't want to spend over £700.00

When I play live I play through a VOX amp the name has just flown a way but it does tha job.
look at ESPs in your price range, the M or MH series pretty much fit the bill for all of that.

Edit: or an Ibanez S and swap the p/us

Edit2: they are sashki i just checked the OFR models are like 80-100 more then his price. Schecters are good but id try some out first as the necks are a bit hit and miss for different people.
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Check out Schecters. They have models with all the features you've specified, but they might be a bit out of your range.

With ESPs, look for the ones with model numbers above 400. They generally have better hardware, but their floyd models might be out of your range.
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Could you give me some model names please? like ESP LTD M-1000FM.
But aren't ESP like metal based? I want something versitle.
I would lower your budget and take out the "need" for "designer" pickups. All pickups sound different, and you'll be happier buying a cheaper guitar that still has the other features you listed. Then, after purchasing said guitar, you can choose which pickups suit you best and install them yourself.

I say this because there is a HUGE difference between an OFR-equipped 22-fret guitar with active EMGs and an OFR-equipped 22-fret guitar with passive Seymour Duncans. A need for any designer pickups implies that you don't really care what they are, you just want the aftermarket label. You may find that you like a different pair of pickups better after already purchasing the more-expensive "designer pickup"-equipped guitar; that's a waste of money.
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well judging by what your asking your right in one thing, the esp's you seek are metal based, simply because they put the duncans on the versions without a floyd. that being said ive read enough on the edge III to say its not a bad trem but you dont want that. that leaves you with the s series as stated above, schecters (check the damien special fr, though not an original floyd) or the jackson x series, but the only guitar in that series with decent pickups is the dxmg...but thats all i can suggest, unless you go used
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Check out Schecters. They have models with all the features you've specified, but they might be a bit out of your range.

With ESPs, look for the ones with model numbers above 400. They generally have better hardware, but their floyd models might be out of your range.

i agree with the schecters. if you're willing to pay about $50-$100 extra (i think), you get an ofr, and coil splitting emg's. i know they're great for metal, and i've heard that they handle blues really well
How much would a secomd-hand sg be? That would fit in with blues and metal quite nicely.
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-Duncan JB/'59 set w/ coil split
-24 frets
- 2 vol/1 tone
- dot/card inlays
- $850

I think this fits the bill.The pups are versatile and it has everything you asked for,but I'm not sure if it's in your budget range.


Get a Jackson Dinky! SD pups, Floyd Rose Trem, all the features you'd need and more!

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Can't quite match your list but mine has 24 frets on ebony board, stylised inlays, EMG's, a good FR but only one vol pot. (room for a mod.) What you didn't mention is a Mahogany body with satin finish including the neck so its super fast. Great balance and a set neck so access is excellent. Playability is important if you're lashing out good money.
I read the comments about pickups and I agree up to a point. I find the EMG's brilliantly versatile with anything from blues to metal. Bear in mind though, heavy bending is a bit of a black art from a guitar with a floating bridge. Considering the 'fun' of retro fitting actives, I'd say you are better off getting them as standard if you want versatile power. Otherwise, the idea of swapping passives if you want to change the sound a bit would be good advice.
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jackson dinky or a dean

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