hello again.

big news about this track is that I FINALLY GOT MESELF DRUMS got Beatcraft and was quite desperate to use it, i just threw any old riffs into it, so it might sound a bit generic. I pretty much know buggery all about drums so i just went with what fitted. Its unfinished atm, so i just want thoughts so far and suggestions that ill be able to edit before the final version (because I usually cant be arsed when ive actually done the song)

and as always, ill C4C
As you said, perhaps it's a little generic, but if you add more variety and structure to the riffs, it should come out nicely.

Also, try to find a way to pan the hi-hat to the middle, so it's not just using the left channel. And the final thing would be to have some of your chords more pronounced, without accidentally muting any of the strings.

Good job anyway. I also have recordings on my profile. =)