when I look at my guitar, I notice that all the proportions seem to resemble gibson's ES-339.

my guitar

ES-339 and ES-335

It bares more resemblence to the ES-339 right?

1. F-holes
2. Size
3. Knobs to F-holes
4. Distance from switch to Neck Pickup Volume Knob

The biggest difference I see with the ES-339 and the Dot is Neck Binding and the Jack placement.

...or did Gibson borrow the idea from Epiphone?
...am I crazy?
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I'd say that the Dot is based on the 335 like the user above me, due to the Humbuckers, bridge and inlays.

EDIT: With the neck binding, your are comparing your Epiphone guitar with a Gibson guitar so there will be some aesthetic differences.
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Bridge and pickups were changed in 1958, but the guitar came out in 57. Has anyone else noticed the difference between the BODY shape and features? I had double thoughts about getting a dot, thinking it'd be too big. It was only about 1 and a half the size of my old guitar.