hello everyone.

i just been looking online at the pedal stated in the title and was wondering what everyones view on it is. it seems like quite a good pedal at quite a good price. anyway please help, dont want to get it to find out its a rubbish pedal.

btw i cant just go down local shop and try it. they dont sell them.

thanks in advance
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What effect is it? I haven't heard of it...


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You forgot univibe. I have this one and I really like the vintage chorus tone. The modern is not good to me, too digital sounding. I don't really use the flanger or phaser, but they both sound like they should to me. The Univibe tone is really cool for the Hendrix thing, also works for some other 70's **** that I do. Really decent pedal. It is definately worth the money. I would search ebay, I have seen them go for $25-$35 lately.
It's a really good pedal if you're on a budget. My old bassist had one and I used it a bit - the vintage chorus is nice, the modern chorus is OK if you like the 80s chorus sound (I don't), the flanger is meh, the phaser is really nice, the step phaser is cool if useless and the univibe rocks.
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