So I recently decided to try doing my practice routine (the technique part at least...) on my acoustic. I figured this would be more beneficial than practicing on electric because of hand strength and how it's harder to play faster and stuff.

Is this a good idea, should I continue practicing on acoustic? Or will I not be able to develop speed as fast if I practice on electric?

I mostly play rock/metal on electric but was thinking the acoustic could accelerate things...

Thanks in advance.
yes, my guitar teacher (i used to take lessons) strongly recommended this
its very good idea if you are patient enough
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The acoustic guitar will definitely train your hands to expect heavier strings and so when you go to play the electric it will feel like butter. Sometimes you go from acoustic to electric your hands will "expect" more resistance and therefore you might mess up every now and then but you'll have no trouble with those barre chords
Hm, definitely appreciate the replies. But I'm mostly concerned with the basic technique development. My routine that I'm doing will basically be like hand coordination, alternate picking, going through patterns in different scales, string skipping, some legato I guess, that type of stuff.
You'll definitely be able to develop all of that on the acoustic just fine. Another advantage the acoustic provides is that you know when you mess up (and can therefore correct it). If you're playing an electric with a distorted sound you're not going to hear your mistakes as much and therefore be slow to correct them
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if you are patient enough

This, patience will grant you better guitar skills master

I learned guitar on acoustic, I still practice with them, and when I started electric, let's just say I was surprised at how better I was at electric lol
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Yes. The reason I can sweep is because I learned it on an acoustic with old strings - I was used to high resistance and high action, so when I got to my well-set-up Ibanez, it was like I was playing on air. Like moving a hot knife through butter.
mmmm butter...

thanks for the responses everyone, I shall continue practicing w/ my acoustic as long as i have my acoustic (i only take my electric with me when i go to school)

and maybe im just excited/impatient/retarded but i feel like im improving faster after 2 days! (and this is weird because im almost at 2 years and have kind of been plateauing)